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Ultimate Destination

“We keep our boat at the Club each summer and have never been more happy with a marine facility. We’ve been up and down the coast and stayed in several marinas and to say this is the ultimate destination would be an understatement! 5 STARS!!!” Jim P., New Bern, SC

Dockage Paradise

We drive 4 hours each weekend to relax on our boat with our kids at the TI Club. The grounds are impeccable, everything is done first class. Our favorites are the pool, hammocks & best of all, the outdoor movies for the kids, & a cocktail by the bonfire pit for my husband & I! One of our favorite places on earth! Cheryl B. – Troy, NY

A New Tradition

“This yacht club isn’t just a dock to park my boat, my neighbors have become my family and this place a new tradition, I look forward all year to coming back and finally getting to relax!” – Rick Syracuse, NY.

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Your boat measurement is the overall length of the boat from tip of the pulpit back to the transom platform. If your boat has an outboard, measure to the tip of the extended motor as it sits with the motor up. Keep in mind, if we had to build a building around the space your vessel uses, how big would you have to build the building? We need exact measurements for just this reason. We have to be meticulous in this in order to properly access the number of boats we can fit in each building. All new boats will be measured for proper measurements by our service team. Please feel free to call if you have any questions regarding this matter.


If you decide to stay longer in the building after April 15th by choice, you will then begin our Summer Storage rate charge which is $1.00 sq/ft/month, no pro-ratio.


The Winter Storage contract runs from September 15th to April 15th. As you know, we are completely ruled by Mother Nature in the boating business! If we get a late start putting boats back in the water because of Ice or snow, there will be a grace period (at our discretion) and dates would then be adjusted. Once your boat is put in the water, if you are in the immediate area your boat will be taken to your dock. If your boat is taken to the TI Club for pick up, you have one week from the date it goes in the water to pick it up without incurring dockage charges.